Old-Fashioned Vanilla

Sugared Caramel Candy is an artisanal gourmet caramel company who use old-fashioned, time-tested methods to make the most delicious caramel you will ever eat. We use no preservatives or additives and make all products in small batches, stirring, pouring, cutting and wrapping each piece with love by hand.  We use local ingredients whenever possible to ensure the best gourmet caramel.  We think we give Grandma a run for her money!  Try our caramel and see for yourself. 


We offer a wide variety of delicious caramel, including an all-natural sugar free caramel candy, to satisfy your every sweet tooth. We also create beautiful gift baskets anyone would be delighted to receive. Feel free to customize your own or select from a variety of tantalizing options.


Fleur De Sel caramels